Drums, Bass Recorded @ Soundworks Recording Studio by Kamilo Kratc

Guitars, Vocals, Mix/Master @ The Command Center Sound Labs

Photo by Katie Dean


Another day, another clear blue sky wasted
I’ll stick around, I’ll hang around some other
time ticks faster than my heart beats

Suddenly this anomaly, finds you in its center

It all resets to you, it all resets to.

Warp drive, stick a needle in my eye, faster than the blinding speed of my lies
It all resets to you, it all resets to.


from W∆RP DRIVE [SINGLE], released March 14, 2015
Robert Gill - Vocals
Black Doctor Jr - Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Backing Vocals
Arcody Ruin - Electric Guitar
Sam "Missiles" Cheong - Bass, Backing Vocals
Jack "Party Hopper" Parker - Drums



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